Friday’s Fever End of the week Makeup … HELP! By Make Up Like A Pro

Friday Fever’s End of the week Makeup…HELP! By Make Up Like A Pro

By this time of the week we are all ready for the weekend to come, right?! Not only is it the end of the week but its also almost the real start of the Festive Season! As its Friday, and you’ve probably got a lot on your mind (with 3 weeks to go before Christmas!) you might have run out of inspirational ideas for your Holiday season glamour?

Weekends before Christmas always involve parties and socialising so you need to keep on top of your Party time makeup and hair looks!

Don’t worry! Make Up Like A Pro has something for you this Friday. We are taking a step back in time, back to the 60’s. Their style and glamour was sky high back then and beehives and eyes were all the focus from the neck upwards. The cat-eyes of that “swinging” decade are back in full force this festive period

Friday Fever's End of the week Makeup...HELP! By Make Up Like A Pro

To swing your way back to those colourful days, gently pull your eyelid taut with your ring finger and using a soft black eyeliner pencil, draw your cat eye line (which will act as your stencil) from the inside corner to the outside edge of your eye

Once you are happy that you have created two matching lines on both eyes, grab your liquid eyeliner. A pen liner is good but so is a gel liner in a pot with a brush like the MAC fluid line pots. Follow your pencil line to re create a stronger cat line that won’t smudge… but make sure that you allow it to dry before you start blinking otherwise it will smudge!

If there’s any clean up to do, grab a Q tip and moisten the end (don’t soak it) and gently brush the desired area away in small strokes in a direction away from your eye

Don’t forget lashings of mascara and / or your false lashes!

TIP: apply flash lashes before you apply your mascara. You can apply your mascara over the top when your lashes are secure

Add a pale / neutral lip tone so you don’t detract away from your feline flicks :)

By Make Up Like A Pro

Thursday’s Transformation by Make Up Like A Pro

“Transformation Thursday” by Make Up Like A Pro

Hey everybody how’s your week been? I’ve had a great week filming again… We are 3 weeks into the film now and it’s going FABULOUSLY!

Filming actually got me thinking about today’s post. Every day we all go through some form of transformation whether it’s putting on a suit for a smart office job, or putting on a bright red lipstick as part of a uniform. I’m sure that we all do something on a daily basis that we wouldn’t necessarily do on our relaxing, days off

Often in the work that I do as a hair and makeup artist, I am making some form of transformation on a client. This might involve a new hair style or putting on a wig to show a character. Or a temporary tattoo(s) to be added to help to create a character story. Hair and makeup plus character clothing all go together into the mix to build this characterThis happens in real life just as it does in The Movies too in the way you choose to look on a day-to-day basis

Something caught my eye as I was catching up on makeup news this morning and that was Actor Jared Leto’s recent transformation for his new film. He caused a bit of a stir at the Gotham Independent Film Awards on Monday. The red carpet looked on in shock as he took to the runway with NO EYEBROWS. Yeah that’s right, nada, zilch, nil…none.  Not a hair in sight!

Transformation Thursday

Now, with all the hype at the moment about the importance of a “strong brow”, do we think that his hair and makeup artist thought to push the current trending norm away and create a storm with his brow-less face?! In a word, no! Jared Leto is currently filming new film, The Dallas Buyer’s Club starring Matthew McConaughey, as a gaunt AIDS patient. Leto’s character is a transsexual. He has undergone a huge transformation as part of his on-screen character creation

Leto told Entertainment Tonight that his eyebrows aren’t the only thing that has required a transformation, “I waxed my entire body, including my eyebrows. I’ve lost a lot of weight because I’m playing a young person with AIDS. It’s been challenging but really inspiring too.” He adds, “It’s a lot of work to be a pretty little girl. I have a newfound respect for women in general.”

Transformation Thursday

Transformations are part of daily life and should be embraced with open arms!

Why don’t you make a transformation yourself today. Use a different colour lippie… Tie a hair tie in your hair that you wouldn’t normally do. Paint your nails red! Any day of the week, you can create your own little Hollywood scenario and walk down your own red carpet

But maybe don’t shave off your eyebrows :)

By Make Up Like A Pro

Mid Week Madness … Date night sex appeal

Morning guys and girls

I don’t know about you but I’ve been washed out at work this week in London – we have been filming all week and the rain just keeps getting heavier!  Even my wellies are filling up!

Not good, so let’s spice things up a bit with a shot of sex appeal through your makeup.  Seeing as it’s mid-week (already?! again?! Have a look here for last weeks midweek article) I thought that I’d do a little mid-week madness and give you an idea for a  date night sultry sexy look that will have your fella weak at the knees … read on …

For that dewy look on your cheeks, keep your foundation application light and only apply where it’s absolutely needed, like around your nose, chin etc, to even out your skin tone.  Then smile into the mirrow and use a cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks

Take your liquid eyeliner and starting at the midpoint of your eye, create a sexy cats eye by flicking the outer line which will open up your “come to bed” eyes :) Apply black mascara to finish off your look

Keep your lips wet with a light pink or coral gloss and you’re ready for a sultry sexy mid week date night!

Make Up Like A Pro


By Make Up Like A Pro

“Hot Tip Tuesday” by Make Up Like A Pro

How long does your Makeup last?

Did you enjoy your hot tip last tuesday? Click here to remind yourself!

Ok, so do you guys know that you shouldn’t keep your makeup forever? Or do you think that if it’s kept in a cool dry place and kept closed then you might be able to keep it forever!?  Well, here’s some news for you… let Make Up Like A Pro tell you that makeup expires and it might be sooner than you think or sooner than you’d like! J  As soon as you break the seal on your makeup, the bacteria begins to grow

You have to use your own judgement because makeup companies are not required to post expiration warnings on their labels and you should also be aware of the guidelines that experts recommend

By keeping your makeup cool means that you give the preservatives that help to fight off bacteria, more of a chance to stay intact so that will help your makeup stay fresher for longer

NEVER re-use your makeup after an eye infection as the bacteria will spread and infect anything else that it comes into contact with. That’s another reason to clean your brushes regularly (I clean mine after EVERY use when I’m working).  And if your makeup starts to smell or looks like it changes colour, then get rid of it!

Here’s a guideline indicating the approximate length of time that you should keep each piece of makeup in your makeup bag:

Mascara approximately 3 months
Makeup sponges should be washed after every use and thrown away after 1 month
Oil free foundation approximately 1 year
Cream foundation approximately 1 year
Concealer approximately 12-18 months
Powder approximately 18 months
Blush and Bronzer approximately 18 months
Cream blusher approximately12-18 months
Eyeshadow approximately18 months
Eyeliner approximately 18 months
Liquid eyeliner approximately 6 months
Lipstick and Lipgloss approximately 18 months
Lipliner approximately 1 year
Nail polish approximately 2-3 years


By Make Up Like A Pro


Monday Moment “Getting Free Makeup” … by Make Up Like A Pro

Good morning everybody!  It’s that time of week again and Make Up Like A Pro Article Monday (click here to check out last weeks article) is HOT off the press with some great tips today for those of you that are Makeup obsessed on how to get yourself FREE MAKEUP!  I know it sounds too good to be true but there is a way if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time.  Getting anything for free is a pretty good feeling, right… As long as no one is being ripped off or is out of pocket in the process!  That’s not the case here so don’t worry

As you can imagine, going Makeup shopping is one of my favourite things.  There’s always new products to try and colours to test out and even a combination of what’s old and what’s new is exciting to test out!  I always make time to have a browse and take a look at what’s hot.  It’s a great way to get inspiration too from other people and different products

So the idea of getting free makeup is exciting, right, especially when you’re out shopping for your favourite makeup brands in store!  Where’s the con? There’s not one.  In the beauty or makeup department in any shopping centre or department store, there are always lines of different makeup brands in the aisles, lined up like a Catwalk!

Monday Moment by Make Up Like  A Pro

 Most of these will have a trained sales assistant who will offer a free demo of their products.  These Makeup trained assistants are normally no other than beauty conscious, makeup loving women, like you!  A free makeup demo is just one of the marketing strategies that cosmetic companies offer to win over customers and sell their latest and greatest products to.  It’s an everyday part of their business.  To sell someone a new product without trying it on them first is more difficult than to sell someone a new product when they have seen it on their skin and they know what it looks (and feels) like.  You shouldn’t feel obliged to buy any of the products that they are showing you there and then as it’s like test driving a car.  You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first so don’t feel the need to buy the makeup just because they have shown you!

Although the demonstrations are aimed at women who want to get to know the product, you can take full advantage of it by getting your makeup done by a professional.  I wouldn’t encourage stopping by on your way to work in the morning because you’re too lazy / tired / hungover / late to put it on yourself, but I would encourage taking advantage of the service available.  I’m a massive believer in learning by watching so by watching how someone is applying your makeup means that you are learning some tricks and tips even without realising it

Getting to know different makeup products can only ever be an advantage as it shows you what is out there and what will suit you.  Why don’t you try going to 7 different beauty kiosks in 1 week and trying out 7 different looks on yourself

Be careful not to enjoy it just because it is free though.  Make sure you pay attention to what they are showing you. Talk to them! The sharing of information and knowledge comes through communicating with each other.  Although the sales assistants will mostly be geared towards selling their product, they will still offer great valuable advice on basic makeup application.  They might tell you some gems of info that you didn’t already know, and you might even find that you don’t like what they do, but hey, it’s something new!  You might learn what colour would best suit your skin, how to apply your makeup properly, what look you should have for a particular time or event and much much more!

Trying out different free makeup demos helps you to judge what makeup products are best for you but it also gives you room to discover new looks that you never imagined would suit you!  If you become a loyal customer to some kiosks, they may offer Free makeovers for special occasions which will give you the opportunity to try out a variety of their products.  Don’t forget that most of the attendants of the beauty kiosks are professional makeup artists or trained by the cosmetics companies to render the best makeup service

So the next time that you visit a beauty kiosk, don’t just limit yourself in just trying out their free trial makeup, but ask for a free makeup demonstration instead!


By Make Up Like A Pro



1970s Disco Fever by Make Up Like A Pro

So a friend of mine is off to a 1970’s party tomorrow night and asked me at Make Up Like A Pro for some tips… I’ve posted back to her on my Facebook LIKE page but I thought that I’d share it with you guys on here, especially as it’s a FRIDAY NIGHT!!  Wooh hoo

1970's VOGUE

Is anyone else going to a 1970’s party this weekend?  If so then share your makeup looks with me on here!

This is what I suggested to my friend though … see what you all think :)

The 70’s was GREAT for the Disco fever… and think Farrah Fawcett for your hair style as that’s pretty easy to mimic and will instantly drop you into the 70’s. See the attached photo and grab yourself some huge fat heated curlers and curl your hair in the direction off of your face in small sections. Carry this on all around your head to create lots of movement. Use hairspray that has some movement in it like Elnette Diamond hold or something similar to create a flexible hold look. You might need something stronger to hold the curl around your face

Farrah Fawcett
For your eyes think COLOUR! Blues and Yellow eye shadows were really popular. See the attached photo and mix it in with some glitter if you want to!Define your cheekbones with a complementary colour – peach or soft pink – (suck your cheeks in to create a hollow to find your cheek bones) and top them with some highlighter to show off your bone structureUse eyeliner over your entire eye lid lash line and kick it out at the edges in a slight cats flick. Finish your eyes off with some false lashes. For your foundation, think clean and dewy with a freshly moisturised look. Go for a light moisturising foundation or an illuminating creamAs your eyes should do most of the talking, make your lips less of a statement. Go for a glossy bright pink as it will make your lips slightly more subtle yet still flirtatious

Oh and don’t forget your nails!  Some women in the 70’s opted for bare nails and others opted for deep brick reds, browns and burgundies

Friday Fever’s End of the week Makeup… HELP! by Make Up Like A Pro

Good morning everybody

So it’s Friday … AT LAST! How are you feeling? Have you had a good week?

I’m not sure about you all but I’ve had a long week this week filming and I’ve been up before 5am each morning and in bed around 11pm so my skin is looking a little tired by this point in the week!  That’s why good makeup and skincare is an essential part of my daily regime

This is what I have been rocking out at 5am each morning !!

Friday HELP!

I needed a little bit of help to put that sparkle back into my eyes… I needed some makeup magic to give me the sparkle … And only took under 3 minutes to do all this …

I patted some MAC cream blush into the apples of my cheeks, dotted some of my trusted and favoured product, Touché Éclat, under my eyes and around the edge of my nose, put my L’oreal million dollar lash mascara on, cleaned up any smudges (it was 5am so the clean up was more than usual!!) and chucked some lip gloss on with a coral hue … When the sun eventually came up, the colour looked looked HOT in the light!I’ve pretty much been doing that every day this week :)

Pillow Lips by Make Up Like A Pro

Pillow lips

Pillow Lips

Fancy a Killer Make Up Like A Pro pout? Grab a colourless lip balm with a slight shimmer and apply it to the skin just above your cupids bow. This is under your nose and between the peaks of your top lip!

By removing dark and adding light to that area creates the illusion of space… Which means, in makeup terms, that your lip area looks bigger to the naked eye! Bonus, right!

To make sure you reflect the light on your lips, apply a moisturising lipstick and make sure it’s got a high shine! Matte ones won’t reflect the light.Create light on your bottom lip and add a swipe of shimmer balm on the centre of your lower lip.


Lip-A-Luscious by Make Up Like A Pro


Defined lips are on trend … I think they always kinda were, right :)

Do you know how to apply your lip liner for a killer pout? Let me tell you Make Up Like A Pro’s method to get a killer pout

Start at the top of your Cupid’s bow and work downwards and outwards. Then line your bottom lip from corner to corner… Fill your lips in with lip liner then use a complimentary colour lippie to finish the look!Beauti-FULL

Thanksgiving THURSDAY Make Up Like A Pro Style

Give THANKS this Thanksgiving for ALL DAY Makeup and do it Like A Pro!

 For all of you guys that are celebrating Thanksgiving today, you’ll be busy running around cooking in a hot kitchen, cleaning the house… Generally running around like crazy, right?
So your face will be doing that marathon with you! This article gives you some great product ideas that will ensure that your makeup stays put all day with a minimum amount of touch ups throughout your day so you’ll remain picture perfect in every way
Apply a primer before you put your foundation on. This will not only help your makeup stay on longer but it will help your makeup go on more smoothly too.  Double bonus!  Using a primer is one of the key products when I’m doing someone’s makeup…
Mac prep and prime skin base visage is great
MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage
Eyeshadow primers are a must have to stop that dreaded crease along your lids appearing as you get hotter!   They will keep your eyeshadow colour from disappearing and they will stop it from creasing.  It’s a superb  product
Pick a long wear foundation. Some are good for 14 hours! Take a look around and don’t be afraid to  ask the makeup counters for a tester so you can compare a few different ones. I use Yves Saint Laurent Teint Radiance and it’s stunning
YSL Teint Radiance
Apply your concealer with a brush as it will go on better and stay on better and make sure you set your foundation and concealer with a matte powder!
Have you tried using blotting papers before? They allow you to stay matte without the need to keep powdering, so you won’t get a build up of makeup throughout the day. They will rid your face of any extra oil without budging your makeup
 Try out a some cream eyeshadow and blend it into your crease and socket line and use a water-resistant eyeliner. This will keep your eyes looking freshly lined and so will give the illusion of a fresh-recently-applied makeup!
For lips that just keep on going, line your lips with a lip liner first and then colour in your entire lip with your liner. Then apply your lippie which you will now find will stick firmly on top!
If you follow these priceless recommendations you’ll be well on your way to keeping fresh-faced all day
All Day Makeup