Nail PAINT-RIOTIC … Celebrate with our friends across the pond with this design

How to do it:

(1) Paint your nails white – Use 2 or more layers for depth of colour

(2) Make sure the white coats are totally dry before you paint red stripes down your nails

(3) Let the red varnish dry then paint the corner areas blue

(4) Let the blue varnish dry then paint the white stars! Use a tooth pick or small paint brush to get the dots nice and small :) or BLING your nails with nail studs or gems for the stars instead of white polish


LAYER UP your eyes for a Winter Wonder

LAYER UP your Eyes for a Winter Wonder Style

Ok, so I’ve got a tip here which you can either use to get your speed and confidence up, or you can add your artistic flair and get creative with it!

How many times have you longed for the “perfect” liquid eye-line … but you can never quite get them to match? You perfect one eye, try to recreate it on the other, and it somehow, always, changes!? Liquid eyeliner too, is slightly more difficult to budge when it dries

So what are you left with?
A wonky eye line? Desperation?!? Sure, you could blend the HELL out of it and smudge it with eye shadow (that’s a good trick if you are going for a smoky eye) but what if you want a sexy sophisticated single liquid eye line?Here’s the answer… get your old trusted pencil liner, draw on the shape you desire, on both eyes, then go over it with you liquid eye liner… VOILLA! If your pencil line creeps above your liquid line, grab a Q tip and gently blend away the edge, revealing your sleek and perfect liquid line.You now have not one but TWO perfect liquid eye lines! It might be an extra step but it’s guaranteed to save you time in the long run.If you want to get a bit creative then why not try using two different colour eye liners? So instead of using the pencil line only as your guide, why not use it as a base colour for your liquid line and have a two-tone eye-line!

Have fun and share your comments!

Kick down that fence …Border nails!

Hi everyone
Hope you’re all having a lovely week and feeling GREAT about yourselves this week

This is a post containing something new for you to try this weekend. Whatever the season, this

great nail trend idea can be rocked… and the best thing about it is that you can do it with a HUGEEE variety of colour combinations! It’s SO simple it’s just ridiculous!

What you will need:
(1) 2 compatible nail colours
(2) a thin paint brush

This is how I did it:
I painted an all over colour with the white varnish on each nail and let it dry completely. I then painted another coat for depth of colour. Using my thin paint brush, I carefully loaded it up with the black varnish (be careful not to let it gloop) and painted a thin line around the edge of my nail. Dont worry about getting it on your skin as you can easily remove it with some nail varnish remover and a Q tip!

VOILLA! 10 perfectly beautified nails which I think look pretty damn slik

Give it a go and post your photos!

Bobbi Brown knows Brows

‘A well-defined brow instantly adds polish and strength to a woman’s face. When shaping brows for the first time I recommend consulting a professional – they will create the best shape for your face.
If you decide you can go it alone, take it easy, start with a great pair of tweezers, I like Rubis’ (ELLE also recommends Tweezerman) ‘and take each hair at a time. Use your brow’s natural line as a guide. Brow hairs do not always grow back so be careful and stay well away from severe plucking! Always pluck in the best daylight and try doing this after a shower, pores are open and it will be less painful.’

Bobbi Brown

Make Up On the Move?!

Because I am on the move so much with work, so I got thinking about doing my makeup on the move and how I have, after a lot of practice, nailed it!  I can pretty much do it standing on my head now, as long as I follow a few strict guidelines!

Ive watched women attempt to do theirs …some pull it off…some are not so lucky!

Did you know about these 8 sneaky Tips and Tricks?
(1) pick cream or powder foundation in a compact it’s less messy and easier to app

ly on the move
(2) use pen concealers for easy touch ups. Pick ones with eye brighting formulas with light reflective particles to hide dark circles. Use thin layers that need it … Inner corner of your eye & nose edges
(3) use a cream blush on your apples or just below for added contouring. Maybe try a bit on your top lids(stop at the crease)
(4) skip eyeliner …too risky! Hold your mascara wand horizontally to the base of your top lashes and blink into it! Use any excess on your brows to groom them
(5) stick to sheer colour stains or lipsticks … Gloss and bright colours get messy & show mistakes
(6) get a mirror with suction pads&stick to train/bus window!
(7) tuck your elbows in for more control and to steady your hands
(8) cotton buds&makeup sponges “erase” mistakes, blend foundation edges& replace some brushes! Keep a couple in your makeup bag

How do you do yours when you’re on the tube, train or bus?

Did you know about these 8 sneaky Tips&tricks?
Tell me what you think … and share your funny stories!

Special FX at home!

How to create a FAKE WOUND at home…

You don’t need the makeup kit of a makeup artist to get a gruesome wound for Halloween!

Follow my simple tips and run with it… Go create :)

To add a festering open wound to your face this Halloween, get some liquid latex and layer it to resemble torn flesh. It’s cheap to buy and easy to source

No liquid latex? That’s ok… Try out unflavoured gelatine or even marshmallows to create similar effects .

Don’t be afraid to experiment with latex and ready made strips of fake flesh or scabs which will create more texture and depth to your wound. Simply attach the strips with a thin layer of liquid latex and build it up!Using my fake blood recipe, liberally apply fake blood to your wound to achieve your ultimate gore fest!!Try blue and purple makeup (eye shadows blended together will work too) to create fake bruises. Fake black eyes are really effective and very simple to do. Why not use your pink or white makeup pencil and get creative and draw some fake scars!TIP! If you want to be a several week old zombie, blend in some green an yellow makeup to create a rotting wound effect