Silver Beauty

Ok… So I got a specific request asking me to explain how to do the silver glitter eyeshadow photo I posted earlier on my Facebook LIKE page … so here you go!

So you’d need to get hold of the following bits and bobs –

(1) glitter – Barry M is great for a highstreet option or get your hands on some MAC pigments. They come in pots, photo attached

(2) you’ll need a makeup primer for your eye lids to make sure the glitter stays put

(3) liquid eyeliner / gel eyeliner

(4) false lashes for the underneath
(5) false lashes for the top lashes

(6) morticians wax to cover your brows

Here’s how to do it!

(1) firstly you’ll need to “hide” your brows and you can do this quite simply with some morticians wax. Brush your brows through so the hair is flat and apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. If you want some more detail on how to do that, let me know, otherwise ill get on with the rest of it …

(2) apply the eyelid primer with a medium sized eyeshadow brush, covering your eyelids evenly. Apply the primer in the shape that you want the glitter to be… so make sure you apply it above the line of your brow and extend it outside the natural edge of your eye lid. Use the photo as your guide.

(3) decant some of your chosen glitter (so you don’t keep dipping your used brush in the pot) and load up your brush with the glitter. Working from your top lash line upwards, apply the glitter to your lids by “pushing” it into your skin. Create the shape indicated in the photo and be sure to cover the wax completely

Repeat this step as much as necessary to build the depth of colour. You can mix different glitters together if you want, don’t forget!

(4) using any eyeliner brush you are comfortable with, load up your brush with your chosen eyeliner and starting on the top lash line, create a sexy liner shape, complementing the shape of your eye, not forgetting the flick at the edge! Use the photo as your guide again

(5) repeat this on the underneath. Make sure you leave a gap between your bottom lash line and your eyeliner line … Use the photo as your guide. Keep looking at it to remind yourself!

(6) apply lash glue to your set of top lashes and allow it to go slightly tacky. Apply the lashes to your top lids using tweezers of necessary. Do one eye at a time !

tip! You might need to curl your natural lashes before you stick on the false lashes

Apply mascara over the top if necessary / if desired after the lashes are glued

(7) for the underneath lashes – cut one pair of lashes into 4 parts (i.e. cut the right hand lash into 2 pieces and then cut the left hand lash into 2 pieces). Allocate 2 pieces of cut lash to each eye. Turn the lashes down so they are bending into the face (instead of away from the face like the top lashes would sit) and glue them to the underneath of your eye. Glue 2 pieces of lash to the underneath of each eye. Make sure you line the bottom lashes up with the eyeliner shape you have created along your bottom lash line, rather than your natural lash line! That space between your bottom eyelid and the eyeliner line is crucial for this look. Repeat on the other eye!

VOILLA! Eye makeup complete!

Tip !! for the rest of your makeup … You’ll need to have a flawless finish for your face so make sure your foundation or concealer is heavy enough to even out your skin tone completely Use a very natural lip colour and a small amount of natural soft pink blusher


Bobbi Brown knows Brows

‘A well-defined brow instantly adds polish and strength to a woman’s face. When shaping brows for the first time I recommend consulting a professional – they will create the best shape for your face.
If you decide you can go it alone, take it easy, start with a great pair of tweezers, I like Rubis’ (ELLE also recommends Tweezerman) ‘and take each hair at a time. Use your brow’s natural line as a guide. Brow hairs do not always grow back so be careful and stay well away from severe plucking! Always pluck in the best daylight and try doing this after a shower, pores are open and it will be less painful.’

Bobbi Brown

Put your Best Brows Forward!


Stats world-wide show that 100% of people have themselves, know someone who has, or has come in to contact with someone who knows someone who has … EYEBROWS!!

Did you know that your eyebrows are one of your most important facial features?  They are one of the most underappreciated elements of your face.  All angles of your face are determined by your Brows as they can lift your eyes and they can widen or they can narrow your cheeks

TIP! Whilst there is a lot of opportunity for being creative with your brows, it is important to let your natural shape be your guide

To find the best shape for your brows follow the next three steps carefully



(1)    Point A – Hold a pencil vertically from the middle of your nostril.  Mark with a lip liner or eyeliner pencil where it meets your brow as this is where your brow should start.  It should be even with the centre of your nostril.  Repeat this on the other side

(2)    Point B – Now determine where your brow should stop.  Take your pencil and hold it vertically from the edge of your nostril to the outside edge of your eye and where the pencil meets your brow bone, mark with a white pencil as this is where your brow should stop.  Repeat this on the other side

(3)    Point C – Next you have to determine where your arch should be.  Take your pencil; hold it vertically from the edge of your nostril to just past the outside coloured part of your eye (your iris) and where the pencil hits your brow bone is where the highest part of your arch should be

So you’ve got three points for the overall shape of your brow, join them up using the brow pencil and mark the shape of your brows!

TIP!  If you are shaping your brows for the first time, and have not tweezed before, we recommend that you see a professional to help you recognise the shape that works best for your face which will be your “first time shape!”  A professional will help you to determine the shape of your arch which is the most important feature of your Brow.  In part of the shaping process they will get rid of any stray hairs that appear outside the edge of your drawn in guideline





Brows to be proud of

Try something different today

Why strong brows are a strong beauty statement …

Brows to be proud of

For a few days why don’t you try ditching your bold makeup colours and go for a bold brow instead?

Go for some soft pinks or corals on your cheeks and lips and pair them with a striking arch. Is that something you have ever tried before? Id take a guess that the majority of you do the same routine daily and are a little dubious at trying something new?This is such a simple change but it will give you an entirely new face.

Try it!

The structured brow look can compliment a sleek hair style and an equally sleek outfit. Feel free to work some false lashes too for length but keep them natural. Team your lashes up with a sexy, winged, eye line but keep the line moderate in thickness.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on a product to give you full, well-groomed brows, an eyebrow pencil by Kevyn Aucoin (the precision brow pencil) will do the trick. The brush on the end allows you to groom every hair into place before and after you shape them. The fine tip is designed to fill in sparse areas or draw a natural shape.

To find out where your brow line should stop, take your brow pencil and hold it from the corner of your nostril to the outside edge of your corresponding eye. Where the pencil meets the edge of your brow line along that pencil line, is where you should take your brow point to.

Feel free to elongate it a little further and watch how you exaggerate the shape by slightly elongating the ends. It will really open your eye out.

Use a gel or wax for a polished highly groomed look.

Give it a go! It’s a fantastic look for a dress down Friday… You’ve got this evening to practice it and rock it with some confidence :)Go create!