Mirror Mirror on the wall …

Who is the fairest of them all?

Makeup Mirror

My boyfriend often jokes about the number of mirrors that I would have up in our home, given the chance!  And when he jokes, it’s not at the potential lack of mirrors, it’s about the vast number of mirrors that I would hang, given half the chance!  I can hear you guys thinking “how vain of her to surround herself with images of herself, constantly” and I don’t blame you for thinking that… but that’s not why I’d hang them

This article that I wanted to write today isn’t about why I would choose to hang mirrors on most walls in my house (because they bounce light around every wall and give each room much more depth, thus giving the appearance of greater space), it’s because my boyfriend’s comment reminded me of the importance of mirrors as part of my job.  Then I got to start wondering whether most people actually think about the importance and usefulness of mirrors as an everyday part of their life, to maintain their chosen image

As a makeup artist, I am often asked how I manage to maintain my makeup throughout the day.  A lot of women put “their face on” first thing in the morning and then don’t touch it at any point thereafter, throughout the rest of the day.  Which is fine if that’s their choice.  But then don’t be surprised that by 530pm it’s not looking like it did at 8am that morning!  I have no magic answer or solution for those people.  But I do have some practical advice… if you would like your makeup to stay fresh throughout the day then you need to maintain some level of “checks” throughout the day on your face!  You choose the frequency of those checks and might wish to do them once at lunch time after you have eaten, or every time you nip to the toilet during the day.  You can give yourself a quick check at your desk (if appropriate) to check that your breakfast isn’t sitting between your two front teeth still!

Marilyn Monroe

This leads me onto the relevance of this article … Your makeup mirror.  Aside from the makeup in your makeup bag, what else would you class as a makeup bag essential?  Would you think of your mirror as a key ingredient to your makeup bag, or do you think of it as something that facilitates your makeup application?  I reckon that most women would say that the makeup mirror is one of her daily essentials!  In fact, I don’t think that I’d find any of you guys  who does not have a makeup mirror handy in your purse, pocket or wherever you stash it

For those of you who drive, how about your car?  Do you use the 5 mirrors in the front of your car to carry out your own makeup checks!?  (Obviously when you are NOT driving)

Your mirror is your best friend… and the sole purpose of your makeup mirror is to make possible, your application of makeup (and to carry out checks!). Part of this reason is because the makeup mirror is just about the most convenient tool for this endeavour!  This is especially true because the makeup mirror is very handy, and can be kept inside the smallest pocket ever perceived.  I always keep one in the very front pocket of my handbag, which must only be 10cm x 10cm, but I know it’s ALWAYS in there, should I be caught short!

But if you didn’t have your mirror nearby, would you attempt your makeup without it…. “Mirror-LESS”?   There is no rule that says one cannot apply makeup on her face without the use of the makeup mirror…  In fact, any woman has the ability to apply makeup without having to use a mirror but it takes confidence, practice, knowing your face and knowing your products.  Still, using it definitely makes the act a whole lot easier, right!  Despite its size, that little makeup mirror can give any woman a clear and vivid picture of her face so that she can make her applications with confidence!

Makeup Mirror

What’s more, makeup mirrors allow you to correct your mistakes too… On the move and immediately! You can point out the bit of lunch that your friend still has in their teeth J and show them proof, right there and then!

And if you don’t have your glasses to hand but need a little help with magnification, then your makeup mirror suddenly becomes your best friend again…you can opt for a 12x zoom!  Some mirrors offer up to 12 times magnification for your viewing pleasure!  Designed solely to work for YOU.  So maybe if you haven’t already thought about buying a makeup mirror, you should.  And if you hadn’t considered the possibility of getting a magnified one, then you should!

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MONDAY MOMENT “Choosing the Right Makeup Bag” … by Make Up Like A Pro

Good morning everyone!

As it is Monday and I am now officially live with Make Up Like A Pro, I was pondering about what I should talk about to start with.  The posts on here that you might have read from the past few weeks are those from my Facebook “Like” Page which I have transferred over.  But this is the first of my REAL blog info!  As I get going with my blog, you’ll notice that I’ll try as much as I can to follow a format with my posts, so you’ll get an idea about what’s coming up, before I publish it!!

Ok, so today is Monday… what’s in store on a Monday?

Every Monday I’m going to post an article that I’ve written which will be on a specific topic.  It will be crammed full of really useful info just for you and it could be about anything … from choosing the right pair of tweezers … to picking the right makeup bag … J

So, what am I going to talk about today?

Choosing the right Makeup Bag

Choosing the right bag

As a Makeup Artist in Film and TV, people often ask “what part of your kit could you do without”?  My first thought is what product do I need / use / love the most?  And I’ll give them an answer like my MAC prep and prime, for example.

But actually, there’s something that gets forgotten quite often and that is my kit bags!

What I use for home and what I use for work are pretty different though because, bluntly, I need a lot less makeup for myself at home but they are just as important as each other. Predominantly, that is for keeping me and my kit organised.

If you don’t fancy buying a bulky makeup case but you want to keep YOUR makeup “kit” organised, you should opt to buy a makeup bag.  There are so many different shapes, styles and sizes out there for you to choose from and some often pass up as a fashionable handbag which can be a bonus!  However, you need to make sure that whatever you choose, it is portable and convenient.  If your aim is to carry only the basic beauty essentials whilst you’re on the go, then opt for a small to medium sized makeup bag.  You should carry your basics such as eye shadow, lipstick, blusher and powder for touch ups during the day.  Have you thought about choosing one that is see-through so you can get to your products easily?

Your makeup bag will be suited to you and designed to meet your specific needs, which is why it usually carries just the essentials and should fit in your handbag.  The size and design will determine the price you will want to pay too.  You don’t want to over-crowd it and break the zip… and you won’t be able to find anything in it if you cram it too full!


Crammed Full!


One of my most important processes in getting ready for a new Film, is to make sure that my kit is well organised.  This is crucial so that I know where something is at the drop of a hat.  So, for me, selecting a makeup bag that is transparent is an obvious practical choice. For you it might be getting one with separate compartments, which will save you space and it will keep your makeup bag more organised.  Just imagine the hassle of tipping out the contents on a busy train because you can’t find your lippie!  Make sure that you consider the functionality of the bag before you buy it.

Think about where you want the zip to be.  Will your bag open at the top so you can see deep into it, or do you want it to open up around the sides so that you can see more breadth?  Where you will be using it when you’re doing touch ups?  If you’re sitting on a crowded train then think about getting a bag that’s deeper so it won’t spill out of the sides.  On the other hand, if you are sitting at a desk you may prefer to use one that opens up wide, and displays your makeup to you.




Finally, choose a makeup bag that is made from good quality material that won’t easily tear.  Aside from being sturdy, pick a material that is easy to clean! I had a glitter explosion in one of my eye shadow bags last week but because I had a plastic see through case, I washed it and it returned to looking brand new!  Nylon and vinyl makeup bags are often popular choices because of their flexibility and sturdiness and you can also clean them by wiping them easily with a damp cloth.

Glitter Bomb!

Don’t forget that the price and the brand are not always accurate indicators of good quality bags either.  Often you can get a more affordable bag which will be the same quality as a designer one.

Always be critical and wise when selecting your bag and always bear in mind that size, functionality and material are what really matter.  It’s your tool kit at the end of the day and you need it protected.


By Make Up Like A Pro