The Secrets of Hollywood Glamour

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I’ve been chatting to a  lot of people on various forums this morning about Makeup and Beauty and Hair and anything like that really that I love and am passionate about!  And someone asked a really great question about Hollywood actresses of the past – the sort of 1940’s , 40’s, 50’s and 60’s eras.  The point to her forum question what that she was suprised that the Hollywood actresses of the day looked so much younger than they actually were and she wanted to know of any tips / tricks / trade secrets that they would have / might have used to create their Hollywood Glamour and maintain their Hollywood youth!

Because it was such an interesting question, I thought that I would share my response that I gave her, with you

I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about it


Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Glamour


Making someone look a certain way on camera is often the result of a number of processes / procedures / steps but very often it makes use of some very basic principles of makeup application and techniqus

The relationship between light and dark for instance will affect the face in a number of ways.  Contouring (which is a common makeup technique used on camera to enhance / create definition) uses the basic principle of light – to make something stand out / be highlighted and dark – to make something recede.  You can create the notion of youth and the notion of age by using dark and light in the correct areas of the face – eyes, cheeks, jowls, frown lines … think of all the areas that are prominent on an older face and work out what you need to do to either enhance (to age someone) or reduce (to make youthful – which is often harder and a more complicated process)

Vivien Leigh Hollywood Glamour
Vivien Leigh

Socket line shading outwards and upwards for instance created space to open the eye up by creating a silhouette of shape.  Creating an arch in your brow will open up your eyes too.  Careful application of eye makeup to an “older” skin can really work wonders at seemingly turning the clock back

Greta Garbo Hollywood Glamour
Greta Garbo

Can I  suggest that you simplify your makeup bag and have a little experiment with a few products when you have a spare hour or so – take a light powder or foundation and a dark powder and try some shading and highlighting on your face.  Check out my Makeup Like A Pro Blog article on how to contour like Kim Kardashian  – this will give you some great beginner tips on where you can create light and where you can create dark

Ava Gardner Hollywood Glamour
Ava Gardner

Movie Stars will use a combination of amazing natural good looks and careful makeup application to create a certain image – Did you know that Mariyln Monroe wore 5 varieties of lipsticks and glosses all at the same time to create that iconic pout? darker reds were used on the outer corners, lighter shades were worn in the middle to offer up added dimension, and she highlighted her cupid’s bow and bottom lip.  All this was based around the notion and relationship between light and dark

Hope that helps :)
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Monday Moment “Getting Free Makeup” … by Make Up Like A Pro

Good morning everybody!  It’s that time of week again and Make Up Like A Pro Article Monday (click here to check out last weeks article) is HOT off the press with some great tips today for those of you that are Makeup obsessed on how to get yourself FREE MAKEUP!  I know it sounds too good to be true but there is a way if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time.  Getting anything for free is a pretty good feeling, right… As long as no one is being ripped off or is out of pocket in the process!  That’s not the case here so don’t worry

As you can imagine, going Makeup shopping is one of my favourite things.  There’s always new products to try and colours to test out and even a combination of what’s old and what’s new is exciting to test out!  I always make time to have a browse and take a look at what’s hot.  It’s a great way to get inspiration too from other people and different products

So the idea of getting free makeup is exciting, right, especially when you’re out shopping for your favourite makeup brands in store!  Where’s the con? There’s not one.  In the beauty or makeup department in any shopping centre or department store, there are always lines of different makeup brands in the aisles, lined up like a Catwalk!

Monday Moment by Make Up Like  A Pro

 Most of these will have a trained sales assistant who will offer a free demo of their products.  These Makeup trained assistants are normally no other than beauty conscious, makeup loving women, like you!  A free makeup demo is just one of the marketing strategies that cosmetic companies offer to win over customers and sell their latest and greatest products to.  It’s an everyday part of their business.  To sell someone a new product without trying it on them first is more difficult than to sell someone a new product when they have seen it on their skin and they know what it looks (and feels) like.  You shouldn’t feel obliged to buy any of the products that they are showing you there and then as it’s like test driving a car.  You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first so don’t feel the need to buy the makeup just because they have shown you!

Although the demonstrations are aimed at women who want to get to know the product, you can take full advantage of it by getting your makeup done by a professional.  I wouldn’t encourage stopping by on your way to work in the morning because you’re too lazy / tired / hungover / late to put it on yourself, but I would encourage taking advantage of the service available.  I’m a massive believer in learning by watching so by watching how someone is applying your makeup means that you are learning some tricks and tips even without realising it

Getting to know different makeup products can only ever be an advantage as it shows you what is out there and what will suit you.  Why don’t you try going to 7 different beauty kiosks in 1 week and trying out 7 different looks on yourself

Be careful not to enjoy it just because it is free though.  Make sure you pay attention to what they are showing you. Talk to them! The sharing of information and knowledge comes through communicating with each other.  Although the sales assistants will mostly be geared towards selling their product, they will still offer great valuable advice on basic makeup application.  They might tell you some gems of info that you didn’t already know, and you might even find that you don’t like what they do, but hey, it’s something new!  You might learn what colour would best suit your skin, how to apply your makeup properly, what look you should have for a particular time or event and much much more!

Trying out different free makeup demos helps you to judge what makeup products are best for you but it also gives you room to discover new looks that you never imagined would suit you!  If you become a loyal customer to some kiosks, they may offer Free makeovers for special occasions which will give you the opportunity to try out a variety of their products.  Don’t forget that most of the attendants of the beauty kiosks are professional makeup artists or trained by the cosmetics companies to render the best makeup service

So the next time that you visit a beauty kiosk, don’t just limit yourself in just trying out their free trial makeup, but ask for a free makeup demonstration instead!


By Make Up Like A Pro