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Good morning everyone!

As it is Monday and I am now officially live with Make Up Like A Pro, I was pondering about what I should talk about to start with.  The posts on here that you might have read from the past few weeks are those from my Facebook “Like” Page which I have transferred over.  But this is the first of my REAL blog info!  As I get going with my blog, you’ll notice that I’ll try as much as I can to follow a format with my posts, so you’ll get an idea about what’s coming up, before I publish it!!

Ok, so today is Monday… what’s in store on a Monday?

Every Monday I’m going to post an article that I’ve written which will be on a specific topic.  It will be crammed full of really useful info just for you and it could be about anything … from choosing the right pair of tweezers … to picking the right makeup bag … J

So, what am I going to talk about today?

Choosing the right Makeup Bag

Choosing the right bag

As a Makeup Artist in Film and TV, people often ask “what part of your kit could you do without”?  My first thought is what product do I need / use / love the most?  And I’ll give them an answer like my MAC prep and prime, for example.

But actually, there’s something that gets forgotten quite often and that is my kit bags!

What I use for home and what I use for work are pretty different though because, bluntly, I need a lot less makeup for myself at home but they are just as important as each other. Predominantly, that is for keeping me and my kit organised.

If you don’t fancy buying a bulky makeup case but you want to keep YOUR makeup “kit” organised, you should opt to buy a makeup bag.  There are so many different shapes, styles and sizes out there for you to choose from and some often pass up as a fashionable handbag which can be a bonus!  However, you need to make sure that whatever you choose, it is portable and convenient.  If your aim is to carry only the basic beauty essentials whilst you’re on the go, then opt for a small to medium sized makeup bag.  You should carry your basics such as eye shadow, lipstick, blusher and powder for touch ups during the day.  Have you thought about choosing one that is see-through so you can get to your products easily?

Your makeup bag will be suited to you and designed to meet your specific needs, which is why it usually carries just the essentials and should fit in your handbag.  The size and design will determine the price you will want to pay too.  You don’t want to over-crowd it and break the zip… and you won’t be able to find anything in it if you cram it too full!


Crammed Full!


One of my most important processes in getting ready for a new Film, is to make sure that my kit is well organised.  This is crucial so that I know where something is at the drop of a hat.  So, for me, selecting a makeup bag that is transparent is an obvious practical choice. For you it might be getting one with separate compartments, which will save you space and it will keep your makeup bag more organised.  Just imagine the hassle of tipping out the contents on a busy train because you can’t find your lippie!  Make sure that you consider the functionality of the bag before you buy it.

Think about where you want the zip to be.  Will your bag open at the top so you can see deep into it, or do you want it to open up around the sides so that you can see more breadth?  Where you will be using it when you’re doing touch ups?  If you’re sitting on a crowded train then think about getting a bag that’s deeper so it won’t spill out of the sides.  On the other hand, if you are sitting at a desk you may prefer to use one that opens up wide, and displays your makeup to you.




Finally, choose a makeup bag that is made from good quality material that won’t easily tear.  Aside from being sturdy, pick a material that is easy to clean! I had a glitter explosion in one of my eye shadow bags last week but because I had a plastic see through case, I washed it and it returned to looking brand new!  Nylon and vinyl makeup bags are often popular choices because of their flexibility and sturdiness and you can also clean them by wiping them easily with a damp cloth.

Glitter Bomb!

Don’t forget that the price and the brand are not always accurate indicators of good quality bags either.  Often you can get a more affordable bag which will be the same quality as a designer one.

Always be critical and wise when selecting your bag and always bear in mind that size, functionality and material are what really matter.  It’s your tool kit at the end of the day and you need it protected.


By Make Up Like A Pro


Make your blue eyes BLUE …by Make Up Like A Pro

How to … Make your BLUE eyes BLUER by Make Up Like A Pro

Hey guys

I hope you’re all having a fab weekend! Did you try anything new this weekend? Have you done anything different to your eyes, or your lips or your cheeks? Have you taken any photos that you

could share? If so, then send them to me!So, I thought that I’d dress my own Makeup for the weather today … a crisp, cold, Autumn day where the sun is shining and the tree leaves are turning that gorgeous reddy colour! I did my makeup to match the tones. Have a look at the photo …I have light blue eyes and I wanted to apply a colour to make my eyes stand out as much as possible. So, I looked at the colour wheel and picked a complimentary colour. These are useful when you want to make colours stand out more vibrantly. The colour directly opposite Blue on the colour wheel is Brown / Rust / Orange … those types of tones … so by using these colours together it makes my Blue eyes stand out!

Comment if you like it so far!

These are the products I used to create my eye makeup

MAC “Teddy” eye liner along my top lash line blended softly upwards. TIP – if you apply eyeliner to your eyelid and blend it upwards, then apply your eyeshadow, you will find that the colour from your eyeshadow sticks to your lid more and your shadow won’t budge! It also makes the colour pigment stand out more.

MAC “Bronze” and MAC “Embark” eye shadow blended together in my socket line

Lashings of Black Mascara, I love L’Oreal Volume Millions Mascara in extra Black


BLUE blue eyes


Hey guys and girls

Hope you’re all  having a great weekend!

I am … I’ve found myself DIY’ing on my Saturday night in :) I’m flying out Monday for work so making the most of a quiet weekend!

So I’ve been shabby-chic’ing my 2nd hand 1940’s wardrobe (I’ll post a photo when it’s finished!) and something magic happened.  My boyfriend Ben and I are happily painting away and we got to THAT point … when your brushes start shedding their hairs and stick to whatever they’re touching?  That happened!  My hairs from the brush were shedding all over my beautifully painted wardrobe!

I know you’re probably thinking “where is she giong with this” … bear with me

I’m used to this kind of issue daily through work … it’s not uncommon for a foundation brush to shed the odd hair on a clients face … I’m sure we have all been there, whether it’s on your face or someone elses?  So when that happens, what do you do?

Do you use your phat finger to try and lift the hair, whilst removing half your foundation with it? Do you lick your finger and try and “out-stick” the hair? Wiping your saliva all over your (hopefully not anyone elses!) face?

If you don’t know how to remove it and you want to learn a little trick then keep reading!

So looking at my shabby-chic’ing wardrobe and all its straggler hairs, my boyfriend looked at me, a little in awe if I’m honest, as I gently manouvered my paint brush under the hair, lifted the end a little away from the surface, and freed it gently from the paint!

He had envisaged phat-fingering the hairs off and I’m sure covering himself in the process!  He was amazed that such a simple trick would remove such an irritant!

It is at that point that I thought “I have to share this with you guys…. and check whether you are using that technique to remove your straggler hairs that shed from your foundation brush” … so are you?

If not, then start doing it!  You will never have to try and prod with your fingers any more!






Silver Beauty

Ok… So I got a specific request asking me to explain how to do the silver glitter eyeshadow photo I posted earlier on my Facebook LIKE page … so here you go!

So you’d need to get hold of the following bits and bobs –

(1) glitter – Barry M is great for a highstreet option or get your hands on some MAC pigments. They come in pots, photo attached

(2) you’ll need a makeup primer for your eye lids to make sure the glitter stays put

(3) liquid eyeliner / gel eyeliner

(4) false lashes for the underneath
(5) false lashes for the top lashes

(6) morticians wax to cover your brows

Here’s how to do it!

(1) firstly you’ll need to “hide” your brows and you can do this quite simply with some morticians wax. Brush your brows through so the hair is flat and apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. If you want some more detail on how to do that, let me know, otherwise ill get on with the rest of it …

(2) apply the eyelid primer with a medium sized eyeshadow brush, covering your eyelids evenly. Apply the primer in the shape that you want the glitter to be… so make sure you apply it above the line of your brow and extend it outside the natural edge of your eye lid. Use the photo as your guide.

(3) decant some of your chosen glitter (so you don’t keep dipping your used brush in the pot) and load up your brush with the glitter. Working from your top lash line upwards, apply the glitter to your lids by “pushing” it into your skin. Create the shape indicated in the photo and be sure to cover the wax completely

Repeat this step as much as necessary to build the depth of colour. You can mix different glitters together if you want, don’t forget!

(4) using any eyeliner brush you are comfortable with, load up your brush with your chosen eyeliner and starting on the top lash line, create a sexy liner shape, complementing the shape of your eye, not forgetting the flick at the edge! Use the photo as your guide again

(5) repeat this on the underneath. Make sure you leave a gap between your bottom lash line and your eyeliner line … Use the photo as your guide. Keep looking at it to remind yourself!

(6) apply lash glue to your set of top lashes and allow it to go slightly tacky. Apply the lashes to your top lids using tweezers of necessary. Do one eye at a time !

tip! You might need to curl your natural lashes before you stick on the false lashes

Apply mascara over the top if necessary / if desired after the lashes are glued

(7) for the underneath lashes – cut one pair of lashes into 4 parts (i.e. cut the right hand lash into 2 pieces and then cut the left hand lash into 2 pieces). Allocate 2 pieces of cut lash to each eye. Turn the lashes down so they are bending into the face (instead of away from the face like the top lashes would sit) and glue them to the underneath of your eye. Glue 2 pieces of lash to the underneath of each eye. Make sure you line the bottom lashes up with the eyeliner shape you have created along your bottom lash line, rather than your natural lash line! That space between your bottom eyelid and the eyeliner line is crucial for this look. Repeat on the other eye!

VOILLA! Eye makeup complete!

Tip !! for the rest of your makeup … You’ll need to have a flawless finish for your face so make sure your foundation or concealer is heavy enough to even out your skin tone completely Use a very natural lip colour and a small amount of natural soft pink blusher


LAYER UP your eyes for a Winter Wonder

LAYER UP your Eyes for a Winter Wonder Style

Ok, so I’ve got a tip here which you can either use to get your speed and confidence up, or you can add your artistic flair and get creative with it!

How many times have you longed for the “perfect” liquid eye-line … but you can never quite get them to match? You perfect one eye, try to recreate it on the other, and it somehow, always, changes!? Liquid eyeliner too, is slightly more difficult to budge when it dries

So what are you left with?
A wonky eye line? Desperation?!? Sure, you could blend the HELL out of it and smudge it with eye shadow (that’s a good trick if you are going for a smoky eye) but what if you want a sexy sophisticated single liquid eye line?Here’s the answer… get your old trusted pencil liner, draw on the shape you desire, on both eyes, then go over it with you liquid eye liner… VOILLA! If your pencil line creeps above your liquid line, grab a Q tip and gently blend away the edge, revealing your sleek and perfect liquid line.You now have not one but TWO perfect liquid eye lines! It might be an extra step but it’s guaranteed to save you time in the long run.If you want to get a bit creative then why not try using two different colour eye liners? So instead of using the pencil line only as your guide, why not use it as a base colour for your liquid line and have a two-tone eye-line!

Have fun and share your comments!

Make Up On the Move?!

Because I am on the move so much with work, so I got thinking about doing my makeup on the move and how I have, after a lot of practice, nailed it!  I can pretty much do it standing on my head now, as long as I follow a few strict guidelines!

Ive watched women attempt to do theirs …some pull it off…some are not so lucky!

Did you know about these 8 sneaky Tips and Tricks?
(1) pick cream or powder foundation in a compact it’s less messy and easier to app

ly on the move
(2) use pen concealers for easy touch ups. Pick ones with eye brighting formulas with light reflective particles to hide dark circles. Use thin layers that need it … Inner corner of your eye & nose edges
(3) use a cream blush on your apples or just below for added contouring. Maybe try a bit on your top lids(stop at the crease)
(4) skip eyeliner …too risky! Hold your mascara wand horizontally to the base of your top lashes and blink into it! Use any excess on your brows to groom them
(5) stick to sheer colour stains or lipsticks … Gloss and bright colours get messy & show mistakes
(6) get a mirror with suction pads&stick to train/bus window!
(7) tuck your elbows in for more control and to steady your hands
(8) cotton buds&makeup sponges “erase” mistakes, blend foundation edges& replace some brushes! Keep a couple in your makeup bag

How do you do yours when you’re on the tube, train or bus?

Did you know about these 8 sneaky Tips&tricks?
Tell me what you think … and share your funny stories!

Liquid Latex!

USEFUL TIP: if you’re using liquid latex, apply it to the desired area then hold a hairdryer on medium heat over it to help it set quicker! But not too close to your wounds otherwise the air from the dryer will move your hard work and distort it. Although, on the flip side, use your hairdryer to move the liquid latex to create a gnarly distorted wound!