The Oscars Makeup

The Oscars Makeup is “Transformation Thursday”

I read this article today and wanted to share it with you guys, as it’s a little different to the normal “Transformation Thursday” that I delve into… It’s more about the skill of all the Oscar Hot Topic makeup for films which is why it caught my eye

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have

Makeup Like A Pro


As two oversized Oscar statues peered out at the capacity crowd from opposite ends of the Samuel Goldwyn Theater stage in Beverly Hills, one thing was obvious the Saturday before the 2013 Academy Awards: Make-up and hairstyling were the stars of the afternoon.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebrated make-up and hairstyling with an exclusive event dedicated to the Oscar nominees in the newly retitled Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling category.

This year’s honorees were Howard Berger, Peter Montagna and Martin Samuel for Hitchcock; Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell for Les Misérables; and Peter Swords King, Rick Findlater and Tami Lane for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Officially titled “Oscar Celebrates the Year in Makeup and Hairstyling,” the sold-out event included fans of make-up and hair artistry as well as many industry professionals, including Bill Corso, Michele Burke, Michael Westmore, Greg Cannom, Yolanda Toussieng, Deborah LaMia Denaver, Steve LaPorte and Trefor Proud.

“This is a wonderful time for these eight nominees to bask in their accomplishments and recognition,” said Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch Governor Leonard Engelman during his opening remarks as moderator. “Some of you in the audience may have contributed to these films and should be sharing in their glory. Today is a celebration of winners. Every nominee who steps onstage is a winner.”

Each of the nominees took the stage where Engelman, accompanied by a photo slide show, led a discussion about the process. A 10-minute video clip selection capped each presentation

‘Les Misérables’ Westcott and Dartnell described creating a beard for Hugh Jackman that was strong enough to survive multiple waves of water, creating prosthetic teeth with just the right shade of downtrodden Parisian yellow and what the duo described as the “Les Misérables haircuts.”

The decision to shear Anne Hathaway’s hair was made before Westcott joined the production, and she admitted she wasn’t completely on board with that choice. But both she and Dartnell said there was no hesitation about giving Hugh Jackman’s hair the look Jean Valjean needed as a prison inmate.

“We just went for it,” said Dartnell “Hugh had seen the concept drawing, and he was all for it. You have to be brave and go in and do what we had to do … We said to Hugh, ‘Just go out and buy a good hat,'” said Dartnell.

Westcott and Dartnell appeared to have the most fun with Helena Bonham Carter’s character Madame Thénardier. When Engelman began to ask, “This was an opportunity to …” Westcott quickly finished the sentence with, “Show off.”

For the Hitchcock segment, Berger, Montagna and Samuel were joined by the film’s director, Sacha Gervasi. He brought up how the original make-up was a little too close to home.

“They did a make-up where Tony Hopkins looked exactly liked Alfred Hitchcock,” said Gervasi. “It was wonderful, except nobody knew it was Tony Hopkins. I could have been doing it. So we tried to find a balance. Howard calls it a portrait. We weren’t really doing an impersonation, we were trying to do Tony’s version of Hitch.”

All praised the actor for his dedication to the character. “Tony would not leave the room until he was 100 percent,” said Berger. “He didn’t want to break the illusion. He didn’t want to come to set without the fat suit on. That’s the big reason I feel it was a success.” (AT RIGHT: Berger, Montagna and Samuel)

Gervasi said the make-up brought out Hopkins’ devilish side. “He took delight in going up to people as Hitchcock, especially those who hadn’t seen him, tapping them on the shoulder and going ‘Good evening.’ People would jump,” he remembered. “When Helen Mirren actually saw him for the first time, she went, ‘What the bleep?’ She was genuinely shocked.”

For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Swords King, Findlater and Lane were joined on stage by actor Graham McTavish who played Dwalin. He detailed his character’s complicated make-up as “a silicone cap, a foam cap and a piece for the nose and the bridge,” which took more than an hour to apply.

One of the biggest challenges for the team was taking slim actors who averaged more than six feet in height and transforming them into believable dwarfs.

“We had to squash them and widen them,” said Swords King (NEAR LEFT, with Lane and Findlater). “What we tried to do with the make-up was lose their necks. We tried to widen them [the actors] with hair.”

“We had to accentuate some of the features to create this illusion,” continued Lane. “We enlarged their heads and widened their ear spans, broadened their foreheads and enlarged their noses to create this squattish look.”

“We actually lowered their ears as well, so they were nearer their shoulders,” added Findlater.

Findlater said that every actor and most of the extras had to be wigged. Many characters had facial hair. And then there were those whose arms, legs and feet were also in make-up. “We literally had walls and walls, rooms and rooms of wigs, beards, eyebrows,” he said. “It was an incredible sight to see.”

Following the main event, which featured a question-and-answer session, the crowd adjourned to the lobby for a reception featuring displays of key make-up and hair materials from the films

“It’s just great seeing all these people that are really into the art of make-up,” said Montagna. “You don’t realize that there are so many fans out there who love it. I know when I was starting out, I’d give anything to be at an event like this. To be on the other end of it is really exciting.”

“I had no idea we’d have this big of a turnout,” said Lane before pausing to sign a program for a young fan. “I’m really impressed at how many people care about the intricacies of what we do. It’s a great event and a great evening.”

In fact, all the nominees were kept busy throughout the evening autographing programs, photos and whatever admirers put in front of them. “I’ve never done this before in my life,” exclaimed Dartnell as another fan approached. “I could get quite used to this.”

Makeup kit for the Morning After

The Best Makeup Kit for the Morning After

I saw this article today and thought of you guys :)  Or maybe it’s because I’ve had such a busy week that it caught my attention more than it normally would!?  Among the great ironies of female life is that the days when you have the time and energy to apply expert makeup are the days you need it least!  You went to bed at a reasonable hour the night before and you wake up well-rested and calm. You performed all three steps of your skin regimen and have no blemishes …

So the days when you wake up late, exhausted, and panicked, are the days when you most desperately need makeup – right!  On those days, women face a second irony: foundation, powder, and concealer — the most urgent makeup, the kind you need most after a late night at a place where you don’t have a toothbrush – are hugely inconvenient.  They are messy (check out my article with tips on how to apply your makeup on the move) and they require a variety of applicators, and are rarely packaged together for on-the-go use!

Which brings me onto the reason for today’s post …” Enter “Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face Book Portable Complexion Palette, which is the size of one and a half iPhones.  The magnet closure snaps open to reveal a large mirror, five types of makeup, and two applicators.  Two dense, yellow-toned “secret camouflage” concealers work well for dark circles, while a goopier “secret concealer” hides blemishes. The tinted moisturizer is solid (in the upper left of the palette, above) and is portioned generously enough to use some extra as a sheer foundation. It’s silky to the touch and is applied easily with a finger.  Finally, a pressed powder in the upper right comes packed with a sponge applicator to dust and blend the look”

Laura Mercier

… so are you interested?  Sounds ideal – right!?  I can say that it is a lovely compaq too and it meets a whole load of on the go requirements

On my way into work or touch ups for a night out after a long day of filming, this paltte is exacly what I need for a quick fix.  It’s compact, spill-proof and has a mirror!!!!!  Your makeup bus rides will never be so simple :)

Get ready for some Oscar Winning Makeup Tips coming your way before the ceremony on Sunday

Thank you for reading

Makeup Like A Pro


Valentines Day Makeup EYES

Transformation Thursday means … Lashes Thursday!

Valentines Day Eye Makeup

Good morning everybody!  Can you all believe it’s Thursday already?!  AGAIN!?

Hows your week been?  Really great I hope.  I’m not filming this week as I’m doing lots of freelance work instead which feels very strange!  I feel out of my regular Film Routine :)  so I’ve  been cooking up a storm for you all on here for stuff coming up over the next few weeks – can’t wait for you all to read it!

So … ONE week today is Valentines Day!

I hope that you are all looking forward to it whether you are with a partner or not because I tell you something, it’s a GREAT excuse to get glammed up Mid-Week!  Or if you need an excuse to try a new makeup or buy yourself some new lashes or a new lippie, then VALENTINES DAY is your day!!!

I’m going to be showing you some great ideas and some great TIPS for your Valentines Day Makeup’s but before I do, you need to decide what your focus will be …

  1. Lashes / Eyes
  2. Lips
  3. Both – True, you could do both, but as a rule of thumb, the overall look tends to be more powerful if you pick ONE as your statement feature

Here are a few photos for you to get your juices flowing this morning and to help you decide what to go for …

If you take a look at these beauties and think about them for today, I’ll come back tomorrow and hit you with some LIP Action so you can see what you might prefer to rock out next Thursday …



photo 5 (3)
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Pink Posey
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Top Heavy
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Pink Lady
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Cutsie Bow
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Knock Out Lashes
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Sultry Heaven
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Sophisticated Chic
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Golden Girl
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Lashes and Liner
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
All that Glitters
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Blue Heaven
Valentines Day Eye Makeup
Simply Sexy

Makeup Transformation

Movie Making Makeup Transformations

Hey guys – can you believe it’s Thursday already!?

Hope you’ve all had a great week.  I’ve not been filming for once so I’ve had a chance to respond to all of your emails / requests / questions so thank you for those and WELCOME to all you newbies!!!  Please keep sharing and spreading the word

Have you all seen the feature film Chopper?  As part of Transformation Thursday I wanted to talk to you about Actors and their transformations for on screen performances and the lengths that they / makeup will go to make them into someone / something else that’s outside their own “ordinary”

Eric Bana

The film tells an intense story of Mark “Chopper” Read and Bana gains weight and loses muscle mass to play the part of Mark Read, a legendary criminal who wrote his autobiography while serving a jail sentence in prison

Eric Bana as Chopper

Aside from the non-physical effort Bana had to put into “become” Mark Read, there were obvious physical transformations that needed to happen – a hair cut, facial hair, tattoos and weight gain are just a few of the obvious things that he changed!  And what a transformation

I’m not sure whether it’s because I work for a living in transforming people in some way or another on a daily basis, but I become fascinated by transformations.  Whether they are on The Big Screen scale, or introducing someone to a new lipstick colour that they would never have picked on their own

Here are some more transformations for you to feast your eyes on


There is endless scope for creativity to play a part in our lives on a daily basis but too often people get caught up in day to day “stuff” and forget to inject a bit of art into their day.  The idea of Transformation Thursday is to give you a little nudge (if you need one!!) to remind you that there are boundaries out there desperate to be pushed!  So go and give them a nudge – see what happens

Take a little step out of your normal makeup routine and see if people notice … do people look differently at you?  Do you act differently?

Do something different today …
Make Up Like A Pro


Introduction to a 5 minute Makeup

So its TRANSFORMATION THURSDAY again and today is an introduction to YOUR 5 minute makeup

If you guys know me and have watched my 30 second smokey eye YouTube video then you’ll know that I like to do EVERYTHING well but some things I like to do well AND FAST!  My Lucy Friend speed demon has been lying dormant since i was a baby… my family would definately agree with that! Doing my own makeup quickly has come about for a number of reasons – I started playing with makeup very early on so I was already training my hand, eye, face coordination (unknowingly) from a very early age! Then as I got older I didn’t stop!

Girl putting her mums lippie on

I don’t think that since the age of 16 a day has gone past where I haven’t used at least one piece of makeup in any 24 hour period. Whether that’s lipgloss, eyeliner, blusher, moisturiser… I’ll use it at least once a day!  That’s not because I was insecure or felt I needed it to do it to make myself feel better.  I simply LOVED playing and experimenting with it all and I realised that taking the time to do it  to myself became my sort of ritual.  Aside from the benefits I was getting from making myself look as good as I could, I was taking 5 minutes every day to focus purely on myself and the benefit that I get from that is HUGE – I still feel it now when I do my makeup every day.  Do you guys feel the same?So by default, the speed at which I was applying makeup on myself was increasing and increasing! then when I started doing it on friends, I got quicker on them too!

But where am I going with this, you might wonder?  That’s what prompted me to start my makeup YouTube tutorials with My 30 SECOND SMOKEY EYE!  It’s to prove to you that you don’t need hours to get a good makeup look done – which is great news as most of the time you don’t have hours to spare, right?! But as long as you have the right tools at your disposal you can achieve ANYTHING.  A lot of it is in the organisation of it and that becomes second nature the more you practice!

Even if you don’t believe me right now, you gotta TRUST ME :)

That prompted me to write to you all today. There are 2 pictures below – a “before” and an “after” … The one on the LEFT is the “before” by the way… :)

5 Minute Makeup before and after photos

That very natural makeup took me no longer than 5 minutes to do.  5 minutes?!?!  Did you think it would have taken longer or shorter amount of time?  Do you instantly think that there’s no way you could do a makeup in 5 minutes? If so then STEP ONE is changing the way you feel about it because it’s ENTIRELY possible.  All you need is confidence and practice, and a makeup bag that you KNOW.  By that  i mean using products that you know how to use – ones that you know how they will go onto your skin


Now, if you’re all honest with yourselves, I think you can safely say that you could all make 5 minutes in the morning for yourself. Right? This is aimed at people who want to wear makeup by the way…It’s for those of you who want to wear it but are either too nervous to try different things or lack confidence and belief in your own abilities or you might just want to see another way to do what you already do by someone different!  Whatever your reasons for reading this and wanting to get better / faster / more confident / whatever it is you are seeking … IT’S BRILLIANT that you are doing something about it

I’m here to show you that you can STOP thinking those negative thoughts and by watching what I do, and by having a few KEY makeup products in your makeup bag… You’re makeup routine life will transform!

Check back in over the weekend where I will reveal what I used and how I used it and I will give you plenty of tips on what you can be doing to make your life easier

Keep an eye out too as Ill be sharing how to do the 5 minute makeup on YouTube

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read
See you all tomorrow
Makeup like a pro


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Thursday’s Transformation by Make Up Like A Pro

“Transformation Thursday” by Make Up Like A Pro

Hey everybody how’s your week been? I’ve had a great week filming again… We are 3 weeks into the film now and it’s going FABULOUSLY!

Filming actually got me thinking about today’s post. Every day we all go through some form of transformation whether it’s putting on a suit for a smart office job, or putting on a bright red lipstick as part of a uniform. I’m sure that we all do something on a daily basis that we wouldn’t necessarily do on our relaxing, days off

Often in the work that I do as a hair and makeup artist, I am making some form of transformation on a client. This might involve a new hair style or putting on a wig to show a character. Or a temporary tattoo(s) to be added to help to create a character story. Hair and makeup plus character clothing all go together into the mix to build this characterThis happens in real life just as it does in The Movies too in the way you choose to look on a day-to-day basis

Something caught my eye as I was catching up on makeup news this morning and that was Actor Jared Leto’s recent transformation for his new film. He caused a bit of a stir at the Gotham Independent Film Awards on Monday. The red carpet looked on in shock as he took to the runway with NO EYEBROWS. Yeah that’s right, nada, zilch, nil…none.  Not a hair in sight!

Transformation Thursday

Now, with all the hype at the moment about the importance of a “strong brow”, do we think that his hair and makeup artist thought to push the current trending norm away and create a storm with his brow-less face?! In a word, no! Jared Leto is currently filming new film, The Dallas Buyer’s Club starring Matthew McConaughey, as a gaunt AIDS patient. Leto’s character is a transsexual. He has undergone a huge transformation as part of his on-screen character creation

Leto told Entertainment Tonight that his eyebrows aren’t the only thing that has required a transformation, “I waxed my entire body, including my eyebrows. I’ve lost a lot of weight because I’m playing a young person with AIDS. It’s been challenging but really inspiring too.” He adds, “It’s a lot of work to be a pretty little girl. I have a newfound respect for women in general.”

Transformation Thursday

Transformations are part of daily life and should be embraced with open arms!

Why don’t you make a transformation yourself today. Use a different colour lippie… Tie a hair tie in your hair that you wouldn’t normally do. Paint your nails red! Any day of the week, you can create your own little Hollywood scenario and walk down your own red carpet

But maybe don’t shave off your eyebrows :)

By Make Up Like A Pro