Dip Dye nails to DIE for

Tie dying / Dip dying your nails…

You have probably heard of dip dying your hair (where the ends are coloured differently to the rest of it… As if they’ve been “dipped” in some dye) but have you thought about doing it to your nails?

You can do exactly the same to your nails… Fancy it?And what if I told you it was EASY to do? AND I’ll talk you through doing it? Even better!

Here’s what you’ll need:

(1) makeup sponge (wedge shaped)
(2) 3 complimentary nail coloursHere’s how to do it:
I’m going to explain the process to you using light blue, medium blue & dark blue nail varnishes top left hand photo(1) coat your entire nail in light blue. Wait for it to dry fully, then repeat(2) apply medium blue to the top your makeup sponge and gently dab/ press into your nail. Start at the tip and work down the nail to create a faded look. Stop a fraction past half way down the nail

(3) allow to dry fully

(4) repeat step 2 with light blue and continue to apply until you are happy with the shade / fade making sure that you leave each coat to dry fully each time

(5) this is an optional last step. Apply a top coat when the last layer is slightly wet to blend them together ever so slightly. If you are unsure about how to do this last step then don’t worry… just wait for your nail to dry completely and use the top coat to protect the colours

Have a go! If you try it, send me a photo. Share the knowledge and like!

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