Fake Blood Recipe!

If you need blood for your Halloween costume this year you do not need to go out and buy the expensive stuff… you can make it at home for a lot less money!

Here’s what you need:
(1) Golden syrup
(2) Tap Water
(3) Red blue and green food colouring
(4) Flour or corn flour or syrups to thicken if required

Here’s how to make it:


(1) Combine 1 part water with 3 parts golden syrup in a bowl (add as much quantity of each as you require)
(2) Add drops of the red food colouring gradually until it resembles the colour of real blood. Be careful … less is more
(3) Add a few drops of blue or green food colouring to achieve a more realistic shade
NB: Arterial blood is bright red and venous blood is dark marroon
(4) You might need to thicken it up so use siften flour or corn flour or chocolate / caramel syrup. Stir constantly whilst adding

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