Friday’s Fever End of the week Makeup … HELP! By Make Up Like A Pro

Friday Fever’s End of the week Makeup…HELP! By Make Up Like A Pro

By this time of the week we are all ready for the weekend to come, right?! Not only is it the end of the week but its also almost the real start of the Festive Season! As its Friday, and you’ve probably got a lot on your mind (with 3 weeks to go before Christmas!) you might have run out of inspirational ideas for your Holiday season glamour?

Weekends before Christmas always involve parties and socialising so you need to keep on top of your Party time makeup and hair looks!

Don’t worry! Make Up Like A Pro has something for you this Friday. We are taking a step back in time, back to the 60’s. Their style and glamour was sky high back then and beehives and eyes were all the focus from the neck upwards. The cat-eyes of that “swinging” decade are back in full force this festive period

Friday Fever's End of the week Makeup...HELP! By Make Up Like A Pro

To swing your way back to those colourful days, gently pull your eyelid taut with your ring finger and using a soft black eyeliner pencil, draw your cat eye line (which will act as your stencil) from the inside corner to the outside edge of your eye

Once you are happy that you have created two matching lines on both eyes, grab your liquid eyeliner. A pen liner is good but so is a gel liner in a pot with a brush like the MAC fluid line pots. Follow your pencil line to re create a stronger cat line that won’t smudge… but make sure that you allow it to dry before you start blinking otherwise it will smudge!

If there’s any clean up to do, grab a Q tip and moisten the end (don’t soak it) and gently brush the desired area away in small strokes in a direction away from your eye

Don’t forget lashings of mascara and / or your false lashes!

TIP: apply flash lashes before you apply your mascara. You can apply your mascara over the top when your lashes are secure

Add a pale / neutral lip tone so you don’t detract away from your feline flicks :)

By Make Up Like A Pro

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