Glam up your Festive Makeup

Do you fancy trying something Glam for your Festive Celebrations?  Crystals are a must have fasion and beauty addition so why not use them to your advantage on your face!?

Try this Dior Spring/Summer 2013 runway show Swarovski crystal inspired Techno Butterfly Makeup

Go create!Here’s what you’ll need:

(1) Swarovski crystals
(2) Eyelash glue
(3) Vibrant eye shadow
(4) Eyeliner, preferably gelHere’s how to do it:

(1) Starting from the inside corner of your eye, create your desired butterfly shape with your chosen eye shadow
(2) Draw a fluid line along your top lashes with a gentle flick to mimic your butterfly shape
(3) Sticking the crystals – Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue in the desired area and in desired shape. Allow it to get a little tacky and then stick each crystal on individually!
(4) Finish the rest of your makeup naturally and keep all emphasis on your eye area
(5) Don’t forget to define your brows as they frame your face (and your butterfly shape!)

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