How to do Smokey Eyes TUTORIAL

How to do a Smokey Eye in 30 Seconds Tutorial

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with plenty of partying!  I know that I did :)  How did your makeup go?  Did you try out any new ideas?  Have you worn a Smokey Eye to one of your parties?  Did you experiment with any new colours?  Let me know what you got up to!

Christmas Nails

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Facebook or Twitter account over the last couple of weeks then you will see that I have shared plenty of Makeup and beauty ideas with you all… Have you tried any of them?  One of my subscribers, Diane did a fabulous job in re-creating a set of Christmas nails!  She used a nail art template and with a little patience, did a FABULOUS job!

On New Years Eve, you might have noticed that I put up a YouTube Video showing you all the 30 Second Smokey Eye… have you checked it out yet?  If you haven’t then take a look!  As this week draws to a close and you’re looking at getting back into work, then you might be running out of time and energy to glam yourself up before any last parties.  DONT PANIC!  Check out the video and you will be ready to hit the town with a glamorous evening Smokey Eye … in under 1 Minute!  Practice makes perfect so GET PRACTICING!

Thank you for reading and make sure that you stay tuned for some fantastic competitions coming up in the New Year, PLUS loads more great Tips and Tricks for all your Beauty needs.  If you haven’t already, sign up so that you don’t miss out on any of my posts… and share the Make Up Like A Pro love with all your gorgeous family and friends!

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Brilliant – will be trying this soon!
Can I ask what lipstick/gloss (if any) you have on your lips? I’m really loving the whole nude lip thing without actually avoiding product altogther. I’m struggling to find a natural/healthy looking gloss and liner (so many have glitter in!)


Glad you enjoyed the video! The lipstick that I have on in the video is MAC Creamsheen Creme Cup. It’s difficult to get a high street one that’s got enough colour in it, but still being “nude-ish” without the glitter. Its a cream based one too so is very moisturising. Another of my favourites for a nude look with less of a pink hue is MAC Blankety – again very creamy so very moisturising – which looks FAB with a really powerful Smokey Eye and you can wear a pink or coral hue to your cheeks too. It compliments both blusher tones. What lip liner do you use at the mo?

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