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The importance of keeping on top of things

Sorry I’ve been quiet over the weekend and yesterday but I had an unexpected outing to A&E and it’s left me on crutches! I’m ok and will mend fully but it did get me thinking because of something someone said to me whilst I was in the hospital bed, about keeping yourself “in check” at all times

And that was along the lines of “you never know when you’ll be caught unexpectedly having to expose parts of your body, to strangers…” And if they’re “furry” then you might end up with a rosy blushing face!!

My scenario was that I had to roll my jeans up to allow access to my ankle. For me this was no hardship as my legs had been recently epilated! As part of what makes me “me”, I always keep myself groomed. I take care to keep myself de-furred at all times, and that’s with thanks to my Braun epilator! It allows me to keep my legs smooth at home and on my own terms. I don’t need to wait for an appointment to get them waxed, I can do it exactly when I want in the comfort of my own home! It’s one of the best home vanity purchases I have ever made

Make Up Like A Pro
The importance of keeping on top of things!

So on this occasion for me, rolling up my jeans was no chore, and I didn’t have the embarrassing blushing shame that goes with unwaxed, unshaven pins! We have all been there, right?!

And as an added bonus my toe nails were home-pedicured too, something else that I like to keep on top of. This meant that as my leg was “planked out” in front of me, I could rely on my 5 digits poking out with pride, beautifully painted, from the top of the bandage :)

My boyfriend laughs at me, at the fact that I even think about whether I’ve got hairy legs when I should be worried about whether I’ve broken my ankle! Its not that I’m less worried about the damage I’ve done!!! But I wonder how he’d feel if I didn’t take that sort of thing seriously…He may laugh now but I bet he wouldn’t be laughing if I suddenly stopped keeping myself in check!? We all know that life gets in the way and that the thought of doing some of this stuff at the end of a busy day can be too hard to bear, but for you single ladies out there, that handsome doctor might just be single too :)

So my motto for you guys today is that you never know when you’ll be caught short! With every product imaginable out there on the shelves, readily available for you to buy, you can call on for assistance something which will help you de-fur, smooth, wax, shine and polish you to prevent any potentially embarrassing situations!

This sounds ideal, but I understand fully that it is a bit of a mine field out there when you’re alone, and trying to determine what you can and cannot live without. There can be a massive “product overload” and everyone is trying to sell you “their best product”. It’s a rough ride out there in the beauty arena but I’m here to offer you assistance

That’s why I have introduced the idea of staying on top of your personal grooming today. Stay tuned on here as I will go through some specific, fantastic and easy to use, DIY-at-home products that you can call upon any time of day

Ill give you your very own “must have” recommended list to get yourself out of most “hairy” situations :)

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