Make Up, better than “A True Love’s kiss”

When there is no Magic 8 hours sleep, there IS magic in your Makeup Bag better than any True Love’s Kiss

Can you remember the last time that you had 8 hours of beautiful, uninterrupted sleep? Probably only in your dreams, right … BUT don’t despair because there are a number of tricks that you can adopt to mask your tired face and tell the world that you have just spent a week in the Maldives!

First things first … Concealer or eye brightener!

To help your skin along, first apply a cold compress, like an icepack, around the underneath of your eye to constrict the blood vessels around the eye.  Then apply your creamy concealer or eye brightener to the red and puffy areas and this will cover the discolouration.  Remember! You can use the concealer around the edges of your nose too, to even out the skin tone there

Secondly … Mascara!

This is crucial in opening your eyes up so you cannot afford to skip this step on days like today.  If you can, curl your lashes and then apply your mascara.  It is the quickest way to lengthen and thicken your lashes.  And don’t forget to apply the mascara to your bottom lashes too… don’t go too heavy though as you don’t want to get the dreaded “Raccoon” eye

Thirdly …Cream blusher!

Use a soft coloured cream blusher on your cheeks.  This will give your cheeks a dewy, warm look which will detract from any dehydration and discolouration your skin may be experiencing through lack of sleep


What are your favourite, most trusted quick fixes and tips that help you look fresh even after no sleep?

sleeping beauty
When there is no magic of a good night’s sleep… there IS Magic in your makeup bag…stronger than any True Love’s Kiss



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