Make Up On the Move?!

Because I am on the move so much with work, so I got thinking about doing my makeup on the move and how I have, after a lot of practice, nailed it!  I can pretty much do it standing on my head now, as long as I follow a few strict guidelines!

Ive watched women attempt to do theirs …some pull it off…some are not so lucky!

Did you know about these 8 sneaky Tips and Tricks?
(1) pick cream or powder foundation in a compact it’s less messy and easier to app

ly on the move
(2) use pen concealers for easy touch ups. Pick ones with eye brighting formulas with light reflective particles to hide dark circles. Use thin layers that need it … Inner corner of your eye & nose edges
(3) use a cream blush on your apples or just below for added contouring. Maybe try a bit on your top lids(stop at the crease)
(4) skip eyeliner …too risky! Hold your mascara wand horizontally to the base of your top lashes and blink into it! Use any excess on your brows to groom them
(5) stick to sheer colour stains or lipsticks … Gloss and bright colours get messy & show mistakes
(6) get a mirror with suction pads&stick to train/bus window!
(7) tuck your elbows in for more control and to steady your hands
(8) cotton buds&makeup sponges “erase” mistakes, blend foundation edges& replace some brushes! Keep a couple in your makeup bag

How do you do yours when you’re on the tube, train or bus?

Did you know about these 8 sneaky Tips&tricks?
Tell me what you think … and share your funny stories!

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