Make your pins “THIGH HIGH ready” this Autumn

Be steps ahead this Autumn and Winter with LEG MAKEUP!

It has always been a staple part of my work but leg makeup is moving from the film industry and the runways of the fashion industry to the real world more and more every day.

It’s now not just Brides that are opting for it either… it’s now becoming as normal as putting on your mascara on a night out!

Makeup ready gorgeous legs
Make your pins “catwalk ready”

From Angelina Jolie’s thigh high split dress at the Oscars to Cedric Charlier’s Paris show with tribal blocks of leg makeup, the focus this year EVERYWHERE is on legs… EVERYWHERE!

In the film and TV world, leg makeup has always been a feature of character preparation when legs are exposed to the camera and here are a few tips to help you get YOUR pins, camera ready!

MAC’s Face and Body Foundation makeup has been a favourite amongst many makeup artists due to its smudge-proof, super-thin, silicone based ingredients so it’s a good starting point. But if you are looking for a product that is more readily available on the High Street then try using Sally Hansen’s Airbrush legs product

Here are a few simple steps to help you on your way…

(1) It’s important to remove any dead skin before you apply makeup to your legs so make sure you scrub in the shower then dry your legs completely

(2) Add a light oil free moisturiser if necessary before you apply any makeup to your legs

(3) Always spray / squeeze into your hand and apply to your legs in a controlled manner, blending in small circles. Work your way evenly around your legs…. The key to getting an even coverage is to apply sparingly and in small circles

(4) Keep a keen eye on your knees because they are often more red than the rest of your leg so make them a particular focus. TIP! Apply the makeup to a bended knee and sit still for 60 seconds until it dries

(5) If necessary, for more coverage, apply a heavy concealer on areas of red that may need more attention

(6) Some Hollywood professionals are blending in cellulite cream with body lotion to reduce the “bloat” that legs often show …

… So, give it a go on your next night out… Take your legs to the next level and bare your thigh-highs with ZERO HESITATION … x

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