Round up of the week!

Friday’s Round-up

Hey everybody!  Happy Friday – hope that you have all had a wonderful week and here’s a round up to the week in the land of Make Up Like A Pro :)

Firstly thank you all for your ongoing support, not just this week but since I started the Tweeting, Facebooking and Blogging towards the end of last year.  It’s all of you that make it worth while

So, I’ve been Tweeting and Facebooking like mad this week trying to keep up with the demand for Winter Wonderland Makeup ideas.  I’ve had emails asking my advice on skincare for the cold weather and for makeup ideas on looking good in the cold weather too! It’s all been flooding in – is it the threat of snow I wonder?

As I was getting asked for all sorts, it prompted me to ask YOU all what YOUR makeup PICK ME UPS are.  I’ve had some great responses from you all from Chanel Lip Gloss to Bright Nail Varnish  Thank you all so much for messaging in and please keep them coming… I’m going to do a list of all your ideas so you can all enjoy each others favourites!

Today I included a photo of my face… you’ll see my goon of a boyfriend mucking around in the back of shot on the first one – thanks Ben :) but you can still see the pink in my apples



You can see more of the contouring in the second photo to the RHS

Contouring for cheeks
How do you contour on your cheeks?

I’m often asked what contouring powders I would recommend and which blusher I wear – the answer is MAC’s contouring powder in Taupe and MAC’s powder blusher in Pink Swoon.  Two of my staple makeup bag MUST HAVES if I’m totally honest.  Pink Swoon is soft enough for a day time lift and looks stunning if applied well to the apples of my cheeks … great colour choice MAC!  And Taupe is not too red as contouring powders can often be so they are a pretty good combination!

Don’t forget to head over to my FB and Twitter pages as I’m updating great tips and tricks and articles on there every day… I’ll talk about whatever tickles my fancy :)

Have a fabulous weekendall of you and look forward to next week with some more makeup and beauty ideas :)

Lots of love, Luce

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