Special FX at home!

How to create a FAKE WOUND at home…

You don’t need the makeup kit of a makeup artist to get a gruesome wound for Halloween!

Follow my simple tips and run with it… Go create :)

To add a festering open wound to your face this Halloween, get some liquid latex and layer it to resemble torn flesh. It’s cheap to buy and easy to source

No liquid latex? That’s ok… Try out unflavoured gelatine or even marshmallows to create similar effects .

Don’t be afraid to experiment with latex and ready made strips of fake flesh or scabs which will create more texture and depth to your wound. Simply attach the strips with a thin layer of liquid latex and build it up!Using my fake blood recipe, liberally apply fake blood to your wound to achieve your ultimate gore fest!!Try blue and purple makeup (eye shadows blended together will work too) to create fake bruises. Fake black eyes are really effective and very simple to do. Why not use your pink or white makeup pencil and get creative and draw some fake scars!TIP! If you want to be a several week old zombie, blend in some green an yellow makeup to create a rotting wound effect



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