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Hey there!

How is everyone?  Sorry I haven’t been on here for a couple of weeks, but I have been keeping my facebook page (click here to check it out) daily with all sorts of hair and makeup and beauty goodies, which I hope that you have enjoyed!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter pages as I keep them topical when I am on the move, AND when I am filming. I’ve just finished Holby City again for a couple of weeks so I am back to “normal” hours just at the moment!  I did the hair and makeup at a wonderful wedding at the weekend so the start of May has been pretty awesome so far!

I wanted to chat quite generally today about makeup … and makeup ideas that are all about helping you to define your own personal beauty

The power of makeup

We seem to have embraced a fast paced life style nowadays, right – I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly have.  I’m always on the go and am fighting for every minute I can grab to keep on top of things… work, home and my personal grooming!   I am re-assured though by the amount of women that still manage to make time to make themselves look beautiful!

Is it enough to say that it’s their inner beauty that exudes when they are doing what they love to do??  Or is it because of modern makeup that enhances their natural beauty?  And the fact that it is so readily available is amazing, right!?

With so many makeup tips and ideas at their fingertips, on the internet, professional beauty experts are getting their voices heard EVERYWHERE!  By you all reading this blog is a PERFECT example of just that! So it’s no wonder that women look vigorously young and gorgeous!

There are so many commercial products displayed everywhere and the market has continued to grow and explode with the online availability of products and information.   It’s very easy to get swamped by all the information though… information overload is pretty common, right!  I’m a massive believer in being careful to remember though that all these makeup ideas, products and regimes should be used to enhance what you already have.  In order for YOU to really shine, you have to think about your personal style … your unique way of expressing yourself.  That might mean being understated, or that might mean being overstated.  Whatever is the real YOU, let your face speak… and use your makeup to enhance that

You can enhance your beauty and push it to the edge and you can push your limits if you choose to.  Maximise it with confidence.   Extend your own beauty or go wild with makeup… it’s there for YOUR taking

Everyone has their own unique skin type, pores, shapes, textures etc  but you will find that you should fit loosely into one or more ‘industry category’, and if you need help or inspiration, the Industry will help you to plan a look based on your set ideals along with your own personal physical specifics.  That’s why you select the best style that fits the real you… your natural beauty, a simple pretty face, a classic look, a playful look, a glamorous look, or a seasonal look.  Whatever it is… own it!


Makeup designs, ideas, tips and tricks are released daily, everywhere around the world, to help you to adapt your daily routine and activities.  Celebrity styles are changing almost daily too, but you can keep track of what’s happening no matter where you are!  Whether you are going to work or a party, or a friend’s house, to the supermarket, or to a special event, it is so easy to prepare yourself and your face in advance because you have information and resources at your fingertips.  You just have to put them into action.  Once you get used to it you will no longer struggle on how you want to look… because you already know what your look will be

Try it.  Run with some of the beauty tips and makeup advice that I have put up in my blog over the past few months.  Check out my Facebook page daily for inspirational ideas.  Every week I stick to the same structure for my content, so you know what to expect from me.  For example if LIPS are your thing, then you’ll know that every Tuesday is dedicated to LIPS!   If Nails are your thing, then you’ll know that every Thursday is about Nails. Combine this with other information that you have read and learned.  Then work on it… Be open to suggestions and new ideas and let it help you define your beauty

Have a wonderful week everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this

Makeup Like a Pro x



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