Sweat Proofing your makeup

Sweat proofing your makeup

As you step out into the Festive period you could probably do with a few tips on how to stay fresh faced for hours!

Below is a list of a few priceless tips to help you on your way

(1) Try an oil free makeup primer

They are really like double sided tape for your face! Use under foundation for a flawless finish that will stay put. By using an eyelid primer too, you not only create crease free eyeshadow but it can make the colour ping out. Or why not try cream-to-powder eye shadows that won’t let you down?

(2) Lip-tints will stick-better than your lip-sticks
In the heat of the moment, lippies can smear into a big gloopy mess! And if you’ve opted for a bold colour, this is NO GOOD! Opt for a matte lipstick and be sure to blot between layers or try a lip tint

(3) When choosing what to use on your cheeks, ditch your heavy powders, blushers and bronzers and use a cream based product that will complement your dewy skin

(4) Keep an eye out for makeup that does more than one job!

The less you put on… The less it will slide off.   Look for double-tasking cosmetics. A creamy highlighting stick that you can use on your eyes, lips and cheeks is ideal when you need an easy, mirror less application!

(5) Waterproofing!
Try out waterproof mascara because when you put it to the test, it won’t leave trail lines down your face. And have you tried a waterproof eyeliner?

(6) Makeup kit MUST haves!
Get your hands on some blotting papers, facial spray mists and remover wipes.
Keep an SOS supply of them stashed in your makeup bag for those wet DIY fix it moments

… Its never been easy to look SMOKIN’ HOT on the outside whilst keeping your cool…

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