The NAKED Truth

What the Camera doesn’t tell us

I don’t know about you guys but often on a Sunday if I’m kicking around the house being casual, I’ll happily rock a “no makeup” look.  For me, personally, this means a natural “no make-up, make-up”. So do you believe it when celebs are pictured with “no makeup” on?  Sometimes they really are (you can tell!) and I think that’s fantastic.  Why the hell shouldn’t they be able to?  And they should without the stick that they get for it! Anyway, they are ridiculed by the press a lot of the time, but that’s the press.

But then there are the celebs that do what I do, and wear a little, but in the right places!  This, to the untrained eye, looks like they are fresh faced beauties!  It’s about very careful application of the right products and in the right places!

So let me tell you what I do to achieve this look… Instead of using my foundation all over my face, I use a small pea sized amount in my palm and apply it only to my uneven skin tone areas.  For me this is around the edge of my nose and under my eyes but you might need to include your chin area.  I don’t use any on my cheeks!  I then use a small amount of Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Eclat under my eye to lift them slightly.  If you need to, use a small amount of concealer where needed and ONLY where absolutely necessary.  I always leave my mascara off for the day but feel free to give it a quick swipe through … be very careful to use the mascara only to darken your lashes slightly and subtly though.  It’s up to you if you want to use any cheek colour.  I use a small amount of MAC Pink Swoon on my apples to give a hint of rosiness! Maybe I’ll chuck on a clear gloss but often I leave my lips clean.  If you add a small amount of definition to your brows then you’ll be well on your way to re-creating the “no makeup, makeup”.

If you want to take it a step further, then add a bit of natural contouring (I’ll be writing a few articles on how to do this well and what you should be using to do it) to your cheeks and eyes.  A little bit of natural socket line shading will give you some added definition.



I’ve included these photos below, NOT to name and shame the beauties, but instead to praise the “Power of the Makeup Brush” and the confidence these beauties have in bearing all naturally! Mwa xxx

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